Guest posting is still one of the most effective ways to drive and grow organic traffic to your site, no matter what some nay-sayers may think. Although you have to really do some serious legwork when it comes to guest posting, the benefits you are going to reap if you have done it right is all the more worth it.

Here are my top suggestions on how you can guest post effectively:

Write a high-quality guest post. Just because you are guest posting, that doesn’t mean you are going to give a half-assed job of it. One of the reasons why a reader chooses to click a link is because of your content’s quality. If they liked what you have written/, then expect for them to follow you through.
Guest posting allows you to build a good relationship with many other blogs that can send some referral traffic to your site. Provided that you do write good, and your articles are something that readers would like to read. This is even truer if you manage to snag a guest blog on high authority sites.
Don’t just pitch one title or idea, give them several choices. But before you do, make sure you are pitching titles that cater to their niche.
When guest blogging, please only include non-spammy links. Your readers would love and trust you more if you are able to provide links that will benefit them.


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