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March 21 (GMT)

  • 8 new cases in Uzbekistan [source]
  • 398 new cases and 20 new deaths in the United States
    New deaths include:

    • 1 new death in Oregon, first in Marion County [source]
    • 1st death in Tennessee: a 73-year old man with underlying health conditions in Nashville [source]
    • 1st death in Arizona: a Maricopa County man in his 50s with underlying health conditions [source]
    • 1 death in Ohio: an 85-year-old man was an Erie County [source]
    • 2 new deaths in South Carolinaelderly people suffering from underlying health conditions [source]
    • 1 death in California: the first death in Contra Costa County: a patient in their 70s [source]
    • 1 death in Maryland: a Baltimore County resident in his 60s who suffered from underlying medical conditions  [sourceD.C. schools will be closed until April 27
    • 1 death in Missouri:  a woman in her 60s, who suffered from multiple health problems prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19 [source]
  • alert 103 new cases in Chile [source]
  • 17 new cases and 1 new death in Brazil: a 65-year-old man who had returned from Egypt [source] [source]
  • 53 new cases in Russia [source]
  • 2 new cases in Cabo Verde: all imported [source]
  • 13 new cases in the United Arab Emirates [source]
  • 10 new cases in Nigeria [source]
  • 6 new deaths in San Marino [source]
  • 144 new cases in Australia, bringing Australia’s total coronavirus cases to over 1000 after NSW announced 83 new cases [source]
  • 4 new cases in Sri Lanka [source]
  • 7 new cases in Togo [source]
  • 71 new cases and 1 new death in Finland: an elderly person [source]
  • 165 new cases in Pakistan [source]
  • 42 new cases in Slovenia [source]
  • 29 new cases in Lebanon [source]
  • 48 new cases in Saudi Arabia [source]
  • 9 new cases in the Republic of North Macedonia [source]
  • 7 new cases in Belarus [source]
  • 1 new case in Slovakia [source]
  • 3 new cases in Vietnam: a 21-year-old man who is an international student in France, a 20-year-old man who is an international student in Hungary, and a 64-year-old woman who had returned from Czech Republic [source]
  • 8 new cases in Kyrgyzstan: 1st case had returned from France while the 2nd case had returned from Saudi Arabia  [source]
  • 2 new cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina [source]
  • alert 47 new cases and 2 new deaths in Singapore (First 2 deaths in the country) [source]
    • 75-year-old Singaporean woman who was admitted on Feb 23 for pneumonia and had been in intensive care for 26 daysa 64-year-old Indonesian man who was admitted to intensive care on March 13 after arriving in Singapore from Indonesia on the same day [source]
  • alert 3 new deaths in Greece: a 94-year-old woman, an 84-year-old man, and another man. All three had underlying health issues [source]
  • 1 new case in Guam [source]
  • 13 new cases in Andorra [source]
  • 7 new cases in Bahrain [source]
  • 9 new cases in Malta [source]
  • 92 new cases in Czechia [source]
  • 4 new cases in Georgia [source]
  • 186 new cases and 3 new deaths in Luxembourg [source]
  • 64 new cases in Iceland [source]
  • 59 new cases in Romania [source]
  • 1 new case in Guatemala [source]
  • 24 new cases and 2 new deaths in Burkina Faso [source]
  • 2 new cases in New Caledonia [source]
  • alert 3355 new cases and 233 new deaths in Spain [source]
  • 6 new cases in Tunisia [source]
  • 1st death in Paraguay: a 69-year-old man [source]
  • 6 new cases in Albania [source]
  • 23 new cases in Estonia [source]
  • 3 new cases in Ghana: a 55-year-old woman and an 84-year-old woman who had traveled from the UK, and a 27-year-old Chinese man [source]
  • alert 966 new cases and 123 new deaths in Iran [source]
  • 178 new cases in Israel [source]
  • 2 new cases in Zimbabwe [source]
  • 7 new cases in Réunion [source]
  • 5 new cases in Brunei Darussalam [source]
  • 2 new cases in Channel Islands [source]
  • 17 new cases in Kuwait:
    – 8 cases in contact with a previously confirmed case
    – 4 people who had traveled to the UK
    – 1 person who had traveled to the UAE
    – 1 person who had traveled to Egypt
    – 3 people who had traveled to Switzerland [source]
  • 38 new cases in Croatia [source]
  • 38 new cases in South Africa [source]
  • 1 new case in Angola [source]
  • 1 new case in Liberia: a 63-year-old woman [source]
  • 4 new cases and 1 new death in Bangladesh [source] [source]
  • 12 new cases in Faeroe Islands [source]
  • alert 5 new cases in the DR Congo: first death [source]
  • 5 new cases in Ivory Coast [source]
  • 4 new cases in French Polynesia [source]
  • 18 new cases in Taiwan: all imported [source]
  • 13 new cases in Latvia [source]
  • 4 new cases in the State of Palestine [source]
  • 3 new cases in Bolivia [source]
  • 18 new cases in Hungary [source]
  • 2 new cases and 1st death in Mauritius: a Belgian man admitted to the ICU for breathing problems [source] [source]
  • 14 new cases in Serbia [source]
  • 4 new cases in Oman, including 2 cases linked to travel to the UK and Spain [source]
  • 9 new cases in Liechtenstein [source]
  • 1 new case in Kazakhstan [source]
  • 15 new cases in Bulgaria.  Among all cases: “The average age of patients is 42 years. The youngest is 4 years old and the oldest is 81” said NMA Chief Mutafchiiski [source]
  • 24 new cases in Armenia [source]
  • 4 new cases in Mongolia [source]
  • 1 new case in Fiji: the mother of the first patient. Symptoms did not manifest until after she was already in isolation [source]
  • 2 new cases in El Salvador [source]
  • 89 new cases in Thailand: the largest single-day rise in cases since the outbreak began in January. Most are related to a boxing match and various entertainment venues in Bangkok, while 6 are a group of Thais who traveled to Malaysia for a Mosque event [source]
  • 3 new cases in the United States Virgin Islands, including a Cyril E. King airport employee in St. Thomas/St. John with no recent travel history, which represents the first case of community spread transmission of COVID-19 in the U.S.V.I. “Although community spread now isn’t surprising, this new development marks a turning point in this pandemic, and we have to remain vigilant to the social distancing guidelines provided and all do our part to protect the most vulnerable of our population,” said Health Commissioner Justa Encarnacion [source]
  • 39 new cases and 1 new death in Mexico.  Death of a 74-year-old man in the state of Durango [source]
  • 13 new cases in Colombia [source]
  • 41 new cases7 new deaths (all in Hubei), and 590 new discharges occurred in China on March 20, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. For the 3rd day in a row, no new confirmed or suspected cases have been reported in Wuhan and in Hubei [source]