Situation as of 22 March 2020 (14:00  EST)

COVID-19, Coronavirus, group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the virus causes respiratory infections. 3D illustration.

Situation as of 22 March 2020 (14:00  EST)

In the Region of the Americas, Grenada reported their first COVID-19 case – an imported case from the UK who is currently in stable condition.

The United States of America which represents over 80% of the cases and 86% of the deaths in region did not update their case numbers in the past 48 hours. Similarly, Brazil which has been reporting an increasing number of cases in the past week has also not updated their website in the past 48 hours.

No new countries reported deaths for the first time, but 5 countries reported an additional 13 deaths in the past 24 hours. This does not include updates from the United States which according to media reports now have up to 270 deaths.

PAHO Response Strategy and Donor Appeal

PAHO has launched an Appeal to donors & partners to scale-up the capacity of the countries of the Americas to respond to COVID-19. The response strategy outlined in this Appeal has two main objectives: slow down the transmission of the virus and mitigate the health impact of COVID-19 in the Region.

An initial US$53.5 million are needed to support critical response efforts in countries most in need of help until September 2020. As this outbreak evolves, needs are likely to increase and the estimated financial requirements will be adjusted accordingly.