LA CROSSE, Wis. (RELEASE FROM HEALTH DEPT.) — The La Crosse County Health Department received notification through our Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS) of our third confirmed case of COVID-19.

This case is in a male in his upper 20’s/lower 30’s and is a household contact to one of the previously identified cases. More details will be available once case investigation is conducted on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (RELEASE FROM HEALTH DEPT.) — The La Crosse County Health Department confirmed Wednesday morning the first positive lab result for COVID-19.

“Shortly after that case came in, another positive lab result came in,” said Jen Rombalski, the La Crosse County Health Department director. “I want to right away say, we anticipated this.”

Both positive cases are females in their upper 20s to upper 40s from La Crosse County.

Health officials say the two cases are not related.

Symptoms for the two females have been very mild to moderate, according to the health department.

“Symptoms have included low-grade fever, fever, cough, body aches, sore throat,” Rombalski said.

Neither case requires hospitalization, but instead each patient is being isolated in their homes.

“We do believe that others in those households have symptoms and will likely be determined as presumptively positive cases as well,” said Rombalski.

One household consists of three individuals and the other five to six, according to health officials.

The health department does not believe anyone in the households are at risk of a severe case.

Both households have seen out-of-state travel recently, but not to one of the three states the health department is screening for.

Both individuals are in-contact with public health nurses who are performing an investigation.

“We will then, in turn, determine anyone who may have been exposed and we will be in-contact with those individuals,” Rombalski said.

The health department believes both females were tested March 16 and started showing symptoms on the 12th or 13th.

Gundersen and Mayo both say that if someone is showing the symptoms and meets criteria that they will be tested, but before going to their drive-thru testing zones that you need to call ahead to be screened and get approval.